CM/CS for Qaser Bin Ghashir Infrastructure Project, Tripoli, Libya

The contract for Qaser Bin Ghashir Infrastructure project was awarded to the National Real estate Investment & construction Co. (NRIC) in Feb 2008 by the Libyan Housing and Infrastructure Board (HIB), and the HIB’s Project Management contracted with Bonyan in Nov 2008 for Construction Management and Construction Supervision (CM/CS) of the project.

The project comprises execution of full-infrastructure which includes water supply system (networks, tanks and pumping stations), sewage system networks, storm water drainage system and roads networks.

Qaser Bin Ghashir town is located in the North East of Jfara area, 27Km south of the center of Tripoli, and Tripoli International Airport is approx. 4.0 Km west of the town.