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Pills Construction Management/Construction Supervision (CM/CS):

super2CM/CS works is a growing part of Bonyan’s services. This work comprises cost and quality supervision, and ensures a professional overview during all stages of construction.

Considerable emphasis is placed on preventive supervision, while our CM/CS teamsuper5 examine all activities, i.e. drawings, work descriptions, tenders, job contracts and cost estimates before construction begins.
During construction, work procedures are carefully monitored to ensure they conform to contractual obligations and standards. Monthly progress meetings are held on regular basis, cost and timetable schedules reviewed, and procedures taken to ensure information transfer between client and contractor.
Bonyan’s supervisors are responsible for a diverse range of tasks, including evaluation and status surveys, risk assessments, planning, task descriptions and construction supervision of buildings and other structures.
Our CM/CS services include all professional fields: civil and construction works, repair and rehabilitation, mechanical and pipe systems, electricity and control…etc.
During the critical implementation phase, we support clients by providing the following services:

  • Site supervision in accordance with legal construction requirements.
  • Continuous contractor supervision.
  • Non-destructive testing supervision.
  • Delivered documentation supervision.
  • Cheap

  • Project control.

Our dedicated range of services also comprises complementary services to the construction industry:

  • Project Management Services and Technical Assistance for Civil Works, Buildings and Installations.
  • Quality Assurance /Quality Control (QA/QC).
  • Construction Materials Testing.
  • Steel Structure Examination and Verification.

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Repair and Rehabilitation 

super1super5From historical structures to modern high-rise buildings; all structures need repair and rehabilitation.

Based on our practical understanding of performance, we can provide proven repair solutions that maximize the structure’s service life while minimizing overall costs. With our extensive experience in the field of rehabilitation works; we have the ability to avoid cost and schedule overruns. Through construction phase observation, we help ensure that our clients’ repairs are done right the first time.
Our supervision services for renovation and repair projects range from small damage repairs to large-scale renovations.

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