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test6The interest towards in-situ (in place) testing, using methods which are either non-destructive (NDT) or cause only very limited damage, is growing locally in the construction industry. As their advantage is early warning of suspect strength, as well as the detection of defects such as inadequate cover, honeycombing, high surface permeability, cavity, or use of incorrect materials which may lead to long-term durability problems.

The process of testing, investigation and evaluation depends mainly on the classical in-situ non-destructive testing of concrete and reinforced concrete. In addition, rapid in-situ testing of drilled concrete cores or dust are also being performed.

The following tests are carried out by our highly qualified technicians and engineers:


  • Dust Extraction and Analysis
    Chemical Analysis of dust samples is considered an important method to detect the presence of chloride ions, which mainly causes corrosion in R.C. structures. BS 1881: Part 12
  • Load Test
    Load testing is performed to determine the concrete structures behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions.
  • Rebound (Schmidt) Hammer
    test1This test is carried out for the purpose of estimating the compressive strength of the concrete specimens. BS 1881: Part 202, Recommendations for surface hardness testing by rebound hammer, 1986.
  • Core Extraction and Testing
    Extracted concrete cores can be beneficial towards the assessment of R.C. structures. Tests which can be performed on cores includes Estimated Compressive Strength, Depth of Carbonation and Chemical Analysis. BS 1881: Part 120, Method for determination of the compressive strength of concrete cores, 1983.
  •  Electrical Resistivity measurement
    This test method measures the electrical resistivity of water-saturated concrete and provides an indication of its permeability. CS Technical Report no. 54, issue 2000
    • Pile Integrity Testing (PIT)
      test3PIT is one of the methods for assessing the condition of piles or shafts. The test works well in concrete foundations that are not excessively slender. The method is usually applied to recently constructed piles that are not yet connected to a structure. However, it is also used to test the integrity and determine the length of embedded piles.
    • Reinforcing bar Pull-out test
      test2This test method determines the bond of anchored bars to the existing concrete.“BS EN 1504 : Part 6, Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar”, 2006.
    • Patch Repair Pull-off test
      This test method is performed to verify the bond between the repair material (adhesive-applied composite materials) and the parent concrete. BS 1881: Part 207, Recommendations for the assessment of concrete strength by near-to- surface tests , 1992.
    • Both pull-out & pull-off tests are considered two of the most significant test works for the Quality Assurance process undertaken by the picture-005contractor to insure success of the executed repairs.
    • Depth of Carbonation and Rapid Chloride Testing
      Detecting the depth of carbonation and chloride penetration in any R.C. structure suffering from corrosion is an important diagnosing tool in the assessment study. BS 1881: Part 201: 1986 & BS 5328: Part 1, Guide to specifying concrete, 1997.
    • Half-Cell Potential
      The measurement of half-cell potential at the surface of concrete is one common and standard method of estimating the degree of corrosion in reinforced concrete. ASTM C 876 – 99 Standard Test Method for Half-Cell Potentials of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete”.
    • Rebar Cover Thickness Measurements
      insitu-rebarAssessing the rebar cover is a key factor in Reinforced Concrete structures, since it is one of the protective measures against corrosion in almost all R.C. BS 1881: Part 204, Recommendations on the use of electromagnetic cover meters , 1988.


  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test (UPV)
    This test is done to assess the quality of concrete by ultrasonic pulse velocity method BS 1881: Part 203, 1986.
  • Windsor Probe Test
    The Windsor HP Probe System is designed to evaluate the compressive strength of concrete in place. It is non-destructive and can be used with equal effectiveness on fresh and mature concrete. The test is to be performed on a number of locations for the different R.C. elements based on the guidance of the American standard ASTM C 802: 2003.
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