Design of 1200 Housing Units, Zliten, Libya

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Bonyan prepared the Master Planning and Designs for the 1200 units housing unit project in each of Majer and Abujereda locations in Zliten city.

The project comprises 1200 housing units evenly distributed over the two sites with associated public service buildings (such as religious, educational, health, commercial and recreational facilities), road network and required infrastructure (potable water, sewerage, power, communications, storm water collection…etc).

the total area for development of the project is 10 and 42.7 Hectares for Abujarida and Majder respectively. Abujarida is located approx.  1Km south west the city center, whereas Majder is located approx. 11Km  south of the city center.

Project Phases:

  • Phase I (Planning and Analysis)
  • Phase II (Master Planning)
  • Phase III (Architectural Design)
  • Phase IV (Detailed Design of Buildings & Infrastructure Design)