Assessment and Repair of Structural Elements of Goz-eltiek Hotel, Misurata, Libya

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The owner of the project, AGOS Group International, wanted to investigate and assess the structural condition of the reinforced concrete elements of Gozeltiek Hotel of Misurata, including implementation of necessary site and lab testing and structural analyses to assess the structural condition of the hotel, and also layout the nessecary remedial measures.

The investigation included the following works:

  • Studying the effect of the proposed modifications and additions on the structural integrity of the building.
  • Corrosion assessment of the structural elements of the building.
  • Damages caused by the military conflicts in 2011.
  • Assessment of the structural condition of some of the building elements with respect to the fire induced cracking and deterioration.
  • Investigate the possibility of adding a new façade instead of the existing one.